Celebrating 15 Years: an Interview with Dennis Maynes

Written by Dennis Maynes, Chief Scientist

2018 marks the 15th anniversary since Caveon Test Security first opened its (virtual) doors. Caveon has come a long way since Dave Foster and the small band of colleagues first recognized, and decided to address, the industry-wide need for test security. What started as a small team of enterprising pioneers has grown into a one-stop-shop for test security solutions and thought leadership. In this article, a Caveon veteran speaks to their experience at the forefront of this burgeoning field, reminisce on the past decade and a half of progress, and ruminate on what the future might hold.

How has the reality of working for Caveon differed from your expectations upon joining 15 years ago?

When we started Caveon 15 years ago, we were enthusiastic—we knew we had important services—but we were a bit naïve. We didn’t realize just how hard it is for organizations to switch from passively endorsing test security to actively managing and promoting test security. I knew we could make an important contribution with statistical analyses—I just didn’t realize how much and how little we would accomplish.

We have brought to market world-class services, which I had hoped to produce, but never considered the total effort that would be required. On the other hand, solutions for some test security challenges and problems are still elusive. Much work remains ahead of us. These past 15 years have been professionally rewarding and challenging. It is a joy to puzzle through the data to bring solid answers to our clients.

What was the biggest obstacle Caveon faced as a young company?

In my opinion, our biggest obstacle was doubting ourselves—not believing that we could really do this. Oh yes, we had challenges that most start-ups face with staffing, organizing, managing, and marketing. After we caught the fire and paid the price for delivering these services, we have continued to progress and make significant contributions to test security and our clients.

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Dennis Maynes

Chief Scientist, Caveon Test Security