Created by testing professionals, for testing professionals—Scorpion is a tool that makes developing exams secure and easy. The result? A straightforward, customizable, powerful exam builder—designed with your needs in mind. Sure, you can easily create a test, but Scorpion is so much more than just test creation software.


Create a test with a powerful, efficient, and secure development tool. Scorpion is…

Simple and Clean

Don’t waste time learning how to use the test generator—spend your time creating with it! This sleek, modern development hub is intuitive to use. Look to your dashboard for a high-level view of your projects or navigate with ease through items, blueprints, collaborators, and development workflows.

Overflowing with Useful Tools

Build items and exams to your exact specifications. The simple-yet-elegant user interface packs tons of features into one functional tool. Choose from a wide variety of item types to support all paradigms and cognitive levels of testing. Get creative with SmartItem™ technology, DOMC™ items, adaptive exams, and more.

Easy to Integrate

You’ll always have the option to leverage Caveon’s exam creator software as a start-to-finish development and delivery pipeline. But even if you only opt to use Scorpion as a test generator and item banking tool, custom imports and exports make it a breeze to migrate, integrate, and publish with your third-party vendors.

Layered with Security

Top-of-the-line IT security features such as two-factor authentication, permission-based access, and encrypted connections keep your content safe during development. Cutting-edge exam security techniques like IP/session checks and self-protecting items help ensure lasting protection of your intellectual property.

Effortlessly Collaborative

The user roles in Scorpion are designed to balance user-friendliness with maximum security. Save valuable time and money by securely, remotely collaborating with your team from anywhere. Use the customizable roles and permissions to control access to your sensitive project content.

Professional and Painless

Scorpion has all the bells and whistles a professional test development team could dream of, so you could use it to build complex and robust exams. However, it is also intuitive enough to be used by small programs with simpler needs. That flexibility extends to every layer of the platform. The power is in your hands.

The Full Enchilada

Build, review, and edit your exams, then turn around and seamlessly publish, deliver, perform maintenance, run reports, analyze your data, and score them—all within one sleek interface. That’s not all. Scorpion’s AIG tools can generate thousands of items at the push of a button. Order the full enchilada and create a test using Scorpion’s end-to-end solution, or use only what you need (a la carte style).

Not sure whether you’ll need all the bells and whistles?


Scorpion does it all, like the Swiss army knife of testing tools.

Exam Development

Design items, build exams, and remotely collaborate in one clean, simple workspace.

Exam Delivery

Deploy exams, give scores, prevent and detect fraud, remotely proctor, and pull valuable reports.

Automated Item Generation

Generate thousands of items automatically and immediately. Then use ’em how you need ’em.


Build un-stealable tests that last virtually forever, save money, and crank up the fairness factor.

Discrete Option Multiple Choice

Prevent or deter many types of test fraud, save money by reducing content exposure, and promote fairness.


Integrate with your favorite tools—from proctoring to learning management systems—or build your own custom integrations.


Upgrade your development. Create a test with powerful and flexible exam development features, all in an easy-to-use interface.


Push your items through unique workflows with configurable phases and statuses to fulfill your unique collaborative needs.


IT security features like two-factor authentication, IP and session checks, and encrypted connections keep your content safe during development.


Automatically split and balance forms using Scorpion’s auto-split functionality. Drag, drop, and publish within minutes.


Collaborate remotely with your item writers and reviewers using Scorpion’s secure access and content restriction settings.


Take your item banking to the next level by playing with customizable naming conventions and custom fields that will allow you to mastermind your item development process like never before.


Choose from multiple-choice, short answer, hotspot, build list, DOMC, essay, matching, and more; then turn it into a SmartItem with Scorpion’s powerful builder.


Scorpion has all the tools you need to take control of your security settings, integrate with your own vendors, and more. You’re equipped to create a test from start to finish with every tool you could need.


Don’t just take our word for it:

“I have worked with many different item banking solutions over the years – many of which are too difficult to navigate for even the experienced user. Scorpion has been instrumental in our item writers’ and/or reviewers’ ability to quickly understand its functionality and use it effectively. In fact, any solution that is easy-to-use and intuitive provides significant value to the exam development cycle. For someone who is responsible for managing the development, maintenance, and support of our exams, the ability to track the history of an exam project and associated items is essential to our ability to defend each item, if ever challenged.” 

—Exam Consultant,
UiPath Inc.

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