Celebrating 15 Years with Jamie Mulkey

Written by Jamie Mulkey, VP of Client Services

2018 marks the 15th anniversary since Caveon Test Security first opened its (virtual) doors. Caveon has come a long way since David Foster and the small band of colleagues first recognized, and decided to address, the industry-wide need for test security. What started as a small team of enterprising pioneers has grown into a one-stop-shop for test security solutions and thought leadership. In this article, a Caveon veteran speaks to her experience at the forefront of this burgeoning field, reminisces on the past decade and a half of progress, and ruminates on what the future might hold.


How has the reality of working for Caveon differed from your expectations upon joining 15 years ago?

“Initially, I thought the concept of test security would resonate with professional testing programs a lot sooner than it did. In my mind, test security made sense: If you wanted to have a strong assessment program you could trust, you needed to put in place formal processes and program requirements to protect your exams. But, as with many a new concept, it took time for the idea of test security to take hold in the assessment community. It took a lot of communication and perseverance. Quite frankly, it also took increasingly audacious and technologically-savvy test security breaches to occur for testing programs to realize that something needed to be done, not only on an individual program level, but as an assessment community.”…..

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Richelle Gruber

Marketing Manager, Caveon Test Security