Remote Testing Security Checkup

The online, remote testing environment provides fertile ground for many types of cheating and content theft. Caveon’s Security Checkup provides layers of valuable insight into the health of your remote testing program, helping you keep your exams secure for years to come.

Powerful Services: Combined

Three of Caveon’s most robust teams are banding together to provide valuable insight into the health of your testing program.

Data Forensics℠

Caveon’s experienced Data Forensics team will analyze your test data using a suite of powerful, threat-detecting statistics. These analyses, especially when combined with monitoring and web patrol, will help you locate threats and eradicate fraud impacting your program.

Web Patrol™

Caveon’s Web Patrol experts provide a high-level analysis of your online threats and vulnerabilities. You’ll receive a letter grade of current online exposure levels and a hierarchical graphic breakdown of potential areas of vulnerability for your intellectual property.


Remote monitoring provides a window into your test taker and proctor behavior. First, select whether you’d like us to perform recorded test session audits or remote proctoring quality assurance, then Caveon’s experienced, trained monitors will evaluate your testing processes.


  1. Do your items appear to have been compromised?

  2. Is your test content on the internet?

  3. Are your proctors doing a good job?

  4. Is your intellectual property at risk?

  5. Are examinees using preknowledge?

  6. Are your security policies strong?

  7. How can you improve security going forward?

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