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How can a testing program know if their test is being administered properly—if the test administrators and test takers are following the rules? The answer is simple. The only effective method for understanding if your test security policies are working and if your test is safe during administration is to be there when it happens.

A test monitoring program is vital for understanding if test security policies are being implemented effectively. Caveon offers these solutions for both remote and in-person testing, giving you the tools to understand what is happening during test administration, evaluate whether policies and procedures are effective, and make proactive improvements to keep tests safe and scores valid.


Monitoring is a quality assurance check of exam administrations that provides both high-level trend data and detailed incident reporting, covering all your bases and giving you peace of mind.

Most attempts at test theft and cheating are designed to fly under the radar of traditional security. Monitoring, using remote or in-person methods, is an effective tool for detecting testing irregularities and security vulnerabilities that aren’t visible from an exterior vantage point.


Do your test administrators and proctors have all the tools they need to be effective? Do your examinees have proper notice of all the rules and procedures? Gain valuable feedback about the effectiveness of your test administration and security procedures by spot checking testing sessions.


After you conduct monitoring of your test administrations, you’ll have a wealth of data that can help you and your team make actionable test security improvements to your program. Update policies and procedures based on trends, and ensure that your security practices remain relevant.


Send a message to would-be fraudsters and test thieves that you take your test security seriously. Monitoring test administrations acts as a strong deterrent for anyone who might intentionally attempt to commit test fraud or steal your test content. It is one more layer of security to strengthen your test program.


Monitoring results can be used to provide feedback to staff, select sites for future monitoring, improve training and communication, revise policies, or conduct follow-up investigations if warranted. Caveon Core’s analytics features enable you to analyze monitoring data at the individual site level and comprehensively across all sites. When combined with other test security data—such as irregularity reports from social media monitoring, data forensics, or other analyses of test results—these data should be used to identify specific weaknesses and institute improvements.


Monitoring for Remote Testing

Remote Proctoring Quality Assurance Testing and Recorded Test Session Audits are ideal for programs who want to spot-check their existing security measures and administration procedures.

Monitoring for In-Person Testing

Caveon Real-Time Monitoring™ harnesses our extensive test security consulting experience and the power of Caveon technology to take on-site monitoring to the next level.

Monitoring for Remote Testing

Remote Proctoring Quality Assurance Testing

Have you ever wanted to see your test delivery experience from the test taker’s point of view? Caveon’s remote proctoring quality assurance testing can help. Caveon-trained QA Auditors pose as candidates (with credentials supplied by you) to take your online remote-proctored test. Caveon QA Auditors use a set of protocols configured to your test administration rules to evaluate the user experience and the proctor’s responses to unusual or impermissible test taker behaviors during testing. After the audits, you’ll have access to all the detailed data we’ve collected about each test session we’ve evaluated.


  1. A clear view of your user experience
  2. Assurance that remote proctors are following the testing rules
  3. Validation that your test security systems and procedures are functioning as expected
  4. Identification of any vulnerabilities that can be addressed through changes to rules, procedures, and training

Recorded Test Session Audits

Does your testing program utilize a record-and-review method of proctoring? Or, if your program uses remote proctors, would you rather not have QA Auditors pose as test takers in live testing sessions? Alternatively, has your testing window already ended? Not a problem. Caveon’s Recorded Test Session Audits can help you review video- and audio-recorded sessions of an online delivered exam. We can review the recordings of live, remote-proctored test sessions, “record and review” test sessions, or simply recorded tests sessions that are not routinely reviewed, saving you hours and hours of time and ensuring the validity of test results. Caveon-trained Auditors will flag suspicious behavior identified in testing sessions, and you’ll be able to quickly view a summary of these findings and drill down deeper into each flag that’s identified.


  1. For proctored sessions, assurance that proctors are complying with rules and procedures
  2. Confirmation that test takers are complying with testing rules
  3. Validation that your test security systems and policies are functioning as expected
  4. Identification of any vulnerabilities that can be addressed through changes to rules, procedures, or training

Monitoring for In-Person Testing

Caveon Real-Time Monitoring Protocols

Give your quality assurance monitors all the tools they need to perform high-quality spot checks. Monitors can remotely connect to Caveon’s internet-based Test Security Platform, Caveon Core™, to record all data observed during the monitoring process. Caveon Core can then be configured to send notifications of significant test administration errors or irregularities observed and entered by monitors in real time, giving you and your team the ability to respond to potential issues quicker than ever.


  1. Provide your own monitors with a digital tool that conducts airtight quality assurance checks
  2. Collect uniform information across testing sites, and make your data easier to process and interpret
  3. Keep monitors focused on the appropriate details during observation
  4. Align with industry best practices by arming your entire team with the same robust tool

Real-Time Monitoring Support

Planning a defensible test administration monitoring program is a critical step in ensuring fairness and validity for your students and your assessments. Caveon Real-Time Monitoring is conducted by carefully selected and highly-trained professional test security monitors with significant, relevant experience in the field of high-stakes testing and auditing. Monitors generally observe and collect data regarding test organization, documentation, and management, as well as testing rooms, examinee conduct, proctoring techniques, testing breaks, and more.


  1. Identify relevant errors and vulnerabilities through the eyes of experienced monitors
  2. Access trained, professional monitors to avoid sourcing and training your own staff
  3. Avoid personnel conflicts of interest through hiring a vetted outside vendor
  4. Identify vulnerabilities that can be addressed through changes to your rules, procedures, or trainings

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