It’s not a matter of “if” your content will be shared online, it’s a matter of “to what degree” it will impact your program. Web Patrol® enables you to detect and prioritize web threats, all while offering assistance to mitigate any potential damage.


Web Patrol helps nail down the who, what, where, and why of a security breach.

Know what content is exposed.

It is quite common for live exam content to be exposed online, often within days of being published. If you’re not monitoring the web for content because you don’t think it’s out there, you may need to reevaluate. Action depends on evidence.

Know where your content is exposed.

Understanding where your content is illicitly shared online is the first step in combating it. Every program is different, and the online ecosystem of stolen content is just as diverse. Web patrolling experts know just which watering holes to search.

Know who may have stolen or used it.

Certain clues in recovered content can help identify the examinees who may have stolen or used content shared online. Experienced assessment security patrollers can interpret and contextualize those clues, enabling you to take calculated action.

Understand how it impacts you.

A content breach can be devastating, but expert web patrolling assistance can reveal the scope of the threat and dramatically mitigate any resulting damage. Ignoring a problem will never make it go away. You know what they say—knowledge is power.


With Caveon Web Patrol, you receive:

  • Ongoing web monitoring by our team of experts, on a timeframe customized to your program’s needs
  • Threat analysis for your exam content online, prepared and provided by test security experts
  • Real-time reporting alerts
  • Threat removal consultation and tools
  • Ongoing expert security support and advice


Spoiler: Caveon’s Web Patrol service is the most successful Test IP protection on the market. But how?

We bring the human element to web crawling.

Caveon doesn’t just automate the search for your valuable intellectual property. We put real people on the job, deploying an experienced and dedicated team of web analysts to scour the web for your IP.

There's no substitute for experience.

As the world’s only company dedicated entirely to test security, we bring an unmatched level of experience and expertise to every project. We’ve seen a few things in the years we’ve been crawling the web, and we’re not afraid to dive into the deep end.

We know we must adapt or die.

We strive to push the most innovative and relevant security solutions to market, and Web Patrol is no different. The landscape of the web changes day by day, and we adapt to those changes faster and more accurately than anyone else.

Your solution is designed just for you.

Our expert patrollers will work with you to better understand your online threats. What parts of the internet do your test takers frequent? What behavior might they employ to steal and disseminate your intellectual property? What trends are seen over time?

Our scope is not limited by lines of the globe.

The internet knows no barriers to language or geography, and your web crawlers shouldn’t either. Caveon’s Web Patrol services provide international scope and foreign language expertise, ensuring your content can be located no matter where in the world it is.

We pull the long hours so you don't have to.

Exam security never sleeps, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either. We’ll monitor consistently to notify you if and when it’s time to act. You can rest easy with the knowledge that we’re holding down the fort for you.

Our results are easy to interpret and act on.

Your Web Patrol results are delivered to you through Caveon Core™, our powerful and easy-to-use incident management platform. Its suite of tools allows you to monitor potential threats at a glance, track resolve rates, prioritize incidents, and determine exposure trends to help you extend the usable life of your assessments.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“Given the increasingly digital world in which we operate, web patrol is a vital tool for anyone charged with protecting the integrity of high stakes exams. When PMI was selecting a vendor, we focused on two main criteria. First, we wanted a company that had expertise in test security, not just online IP protection. Second, we wanted a team that wouldn’t simply present their results but would also actively partner with us to find and implement proper solutions. Caveon has more than exceeded PMI’s expectations on both of those criteria and has given us the peace of mind to know that our intellectual property is protected from threats that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to discover.”

—Patrick D. Watts

Exam Security Specialist

Project Management Institute

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