Especially when threats to security and validity remain ever-present and ever-changing. Luckily, that’s what we do all day, every day—make good tests (great tests, actually). Using the latest in innovative item and exam design, Caveon Secure Exam Development & Support™ (C-SEDS) offers a range of solutions to suit any testing program.


Exam development experts spend their days building high-quality exams for high-stakes programs. But our work goes far beyond “just” writing questions.

The Foundation Must Be Solid

The hallmark of any good testing program is the quality of its exams, so don’t call in an amateur to do this important work. Experienced item and test development professionals will ensure that the job is done right and with the most innovative tools available. Only the experts can ensure the validity, accuracy, and defensibility of your exams are supported by strong test design and super-secure items.

You Can Only Earn Experience

Exam Development is a science, and you need the right people to do the job. An experienced exam developer knows that there are necessary processes and procedures and hard-learned rules to the development process that produce reliably great tests. Skip these steps, and you may not wind up with a valid, reliable exam that measures what you want it to measure. Who wants that?

Your Dentist Doesn’t Do Your Taxes

The most important people in any exam development process are the subject matter experts (SMEs). Typically not testing professionals, their time is valuable, and it shouldn’t be spent navigating exam design and content production. A great test development team will get the absolute best out of those content experts. Every science has an element of art, and this is the “art” of exam development.


Keep integrating security solutions, people! Most security solutions focus on identifying test fraud. Secure exam design actually helps to prevent it! Work with professional test developers who are highly focused on security to help you detect test fraud, prevent and deter cheating and theft, increase the life span of your tests, and rapidly reproduce compromised content in the event of a breach.


Exam Development & Management

Our team of psychometric specialists work with you to build exemplary exams.

Security-Enhanced Development

Build self-protecting items and exams with secure test design and development.

Exam Audits & Support

We deliver specialized support for your ever-changing exam development needs.

Exam Development Management (EDM)

Cloning and Item Pool Expansion (IPE)

Curriculum-Exam Audit

Psychometric Review and Edit

Secure Exam Design

Exam Performance Audit


Secure Item Design

Exam Style Guide


DOMC™ and SmartItem™

Psychometric Editing Plus+

Performance Exams

Secure Design Consultation

Tailored Training

Forms Build

AIG Templating


Standards Setting

Item Banking

Publication Preparation


...support from experience.

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but there is no aspect of assessment development we don’t know like the backs of our hands. We’ve been around the block a time or two. *toot*

...long-lasting exams.

We are determined to get you the most out of your exam’s shelf-life, and we are the only team that can increase the size of your item pool through clones, Caveon AIG™, and SmartItem™ technology.

...security-driven solutions.

We specialize in putting the “secure” in secure test development. Protecting your exams starts with great test design, and we are the best in the business.

...the latest and greatest.

Our experts are supercharged by the technology we use. Caveon Scorpion™ supports the latest innovations in exam design, such as performance-based tests, adaptive designs, AIG, and SmartItem technology.

...investment in your future.

Have some big ideas? Want to create your first performance exam? Want to create a test unlike anything the world has ever seen? Innovation is our thing. Welcome home.

...only what you need.

We do it all, at any stage of the exam development process. Whether you need a comprehensive solution or just a second set of hands, a project manager or an editor, we are the team for you.

...scalability for any size program.

Whether you’re large or small, rocking a big budget or a modest one, we’re eager to be your partner through the development process. Great tests are a universal necessity.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“We chose Caveon because not only do they have a fantastic software platform for content creation and delivery, they also have an in-house psychometrics team that assisted with content development.

“Once we signed up, we were immediately matched with their psychometric and training teams who were able to assist us in utilizing Scorpion in a very unique way. Their teams never wavered in face of the challenges we brought to them, and they remained very hands-on throughout implementation.

“We’ve found a great tool and team with Caveon, and we’re really excited about the quality. The innovative approach Caveon takes to item creation, item types and maintaining content and delivery security is unmatched in their industry.”
—Richard Merrill

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