The online, remote testing environment provides fertile ground for many types of cheating and content theft. The Caveon Security Checkup is ideal for remote testing programs that need a high-level view into the health of their program—leveraging three of Caveon’s premier security services.


If you have recently switched to the remote online testing environment, your security situation has dramatically changed. It is critical to confirm the transition didn’t result in any unexpected security concerns. What can a remote checkup help you understand?

Do your items appear compromised?

By uncovering exposed exam content and running statistical analyses of your test data, Caveon experts can find evidence about whether your items and tests have been compromised.

Are your proctors doing a good job?​

Caveon’s test administration monitoring experts can stress-test your proctoring policies and procedures by posing as test takers to get an insider’s perspective of the exam experience.

Is your intellectual property at risk?

Once the internet has been scoured for signs of your test content, the Web Patrol team can provide feedback on your program’s unique risk of exposure to theft.

Is your test exposed on the internet?

Caveon’s experienced Web Patrol® experts check internet hotspots for stolen test content, including public and private social media, forums, chat rooms, and prep sites.

Are your security practices strong?

Caveon’s test security experts can provide a multi-faceted view into the strengths, weaknesses, and effectiveness of your security protocols, policies, and practices.

Are examinees using pre-knowledge?

Data comparisons, such as M4 Similarity and Identical Test observed over time, can help to determine whether examinees are using pre-knowledge to gain an advantage.

How can you improve for the future?

Leverage the knowledge and feedback you gain from the Security Checkup to modify your security practices and keep your tests and scores valid for years to come.


When used together to locate, monitor, and investigate security threats, Caveon’s tried-and-tested exam security services can provide valuable insight into the health of your remote testing program.

Data Forensics

Caveon’s experienced Data Forensics™ team will analyze your test data using a suite of powerful threat-detecting statistics. These analyses will help you locate threats and eradicate fraud impacting your program. 

You’ll learn:

  • Whether your content shows evidence of being stolen and used illicitly
  • If examinees show evidence of using prior knowledge
  • Whether security threats increase through the testing window

Quality Assurance

A quality assurance check of your remote testing provides a window into test taker and proctor behavior. First, select whether you’d like to perform recorded test session audits or remote proctoring quality assurance, then our experienced and highly-trained monitors will do their thing.

You’ll learn:

  • If your remote proctoring vendors are enforcing policies and procedures
  • If test takers display unusual behavior that could signal the need for a deeper investigation

Web Patrol®

The Web Patrol experts at Caveon provide a high-level analysis of your online threats and security vulnerabilities. You’ll receive a letter grade of current online exposure levels and a hierarchical graphic breakdown of potential areas of vulnerability for your intellectual property.


You’ll learn:

  • What social media apps or online hotspots have the highest potential for leaked content
  • Where you’re at risk for any other types of online exposure

Don't just take our word for it:

“For a number of years, Caveon has been our trusted partner and advisor when it comes to web patrolling and IP security. They are truly the experts in this area, and work collaboratively to help us support our examination programs. We rest easier at night knowing the Caveon is helping us safeguard our examination IP.” 

Chris Beauchamp
Yardstick Assessment Strategies

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