Caveon’s Audit and Response Solutions℠ team is powered by highly-trained, quick-on-the-draw test security experts. So if you’ve experienced (or suspect) a test security breach, you’ve come to the right place. This is the group of first-responders you’ve been looking for.


We get it. A potential exam security breach to your testing program doesn’t exactly make for fun after-dinner chit chat. Your first instinct may be to turn away from the problem out of sheer discomfort, but do this instead:

Suss Out the Facts

When it comes to the breadth and depth of a test security breach, it is always better to have the facts. Because what you do not know can indeed hurt you. Experienced test security investigators know what information is most relevant, where to go looking for it, and how to discreetly locate it—providing the vital information you need about a suspected incident.

Take Calibrated Action

Once you’re confident you have all the facts, you’ll be able to formulate a carefully-calibrated response that is appropriate for the situation. Expert guidance can prevent you from under- or over-reacting, and the evidence uncovered in the investigation will support any decisions you make to invalidate scores or pursue legal recourse.

Level the Playing Field

How unfair is it that one or two bad actors can cast a shadow of doubt over the scores of hundreds of honest test takers? A thorough investigation of a breach can help you quickly separate the honest from the dishonest, preventing the erosion of public trust in the validity of your scores if and when someone misbehaves.

Know Thyself

An investigation can reveal areas of vulnerability in your program’s security and direct you to the very solutions you need to strengthen them. Like a good therapist, investigations experts help you get to know yourself on a deeper, more meaningful level. This enables you to make improvements year over year.


See what we did there? But seriously, with Caveon, you do have a few options to consider:

Training and Enablement

We will train your testing staff on effective strategies for conducting investigations, including access to rigorous protocols that ensure all incident investigations are conducted in a professional, consistent, ethical, and defensible manner. We’ll give you:

  • The training necessary to conduct investigations on your own
  • The tools and technology that enable your team to conduct investigations in a standardized manner

Caveon On-Call℠

Our signature retainer service provides round-the-clock access to and advice from our test security professionals to identify and investigate possible test security violations. We’ll provide strategies designed to save you time and money on security. You’ll get:

  • 24/7 access to dedicated experts and incident management data
  • Training and enablement on incident responses and crisis response support
  • Long-term trend data and ongoing support

Crisis Response

When you suspect an exam security incident has occurred, we provide the support that you need. After all, security breaches happen to the best of us. It’s how we respond to a crisis that defines us. We’ll provide:

  • Crisis communications counseling
  • Strategies to stop the spread of misinformation
  • Coaching and next steps to keep your program running smoothly

Comprehensive Investigations

When a breach is suspected, we quickly deploy our team of experienced, professional test security investigators to conduct an independent, thorough, and fair investigation of the incident in question. We’ll:

  • Identify available evidence (witness accounts, incident reports, documentation, testing data, recordings, etc.)
  • Conduct interviews, analyze evidence, and report the findings


We’re the industry’s most experienced high-stakes test security investigations team, but we’re more than that. Welcome to the table, where we bring:

Expert Qualifications

We’re a team of highly-trained investigators with legal, education, security, and law enforcement backgrounds. This diverse set of perspectives ensures comprehensive, fair, and trustworthy test security breach investigations.

Copious Capabilities

Having worked on investigations with global certification and licensure organizations, state departments of education, and higher education admissions testing programs, we know how to tackle problems of all kinds. Our scope won’t be limited by anything but your needs.

That Special Something

You can trust our team to live up to the high standards of professionalism required of investigators: to be thorough, neutral, level-headed, and discreet when conducting excellent investigations in the field on your behalf.

Crucial Coaching

Want to conduct your own investigations? We can help. We are happy to train you, catch you up to speed, and provide validated tools and protocols necessary to conduct fair, thorough, and successful test security breach investigations.

Responsiveness and Agility

Fraudsters and thieves don’t wait for business hours to act, and our investigations team doesn’t either. The quicker we act, the better, so we’ll be ready at a moment’s notice when the time comes to call in the experts.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“In an ideal world, no testing program would ever need to use Caveon Investigative Services. Unfortunately item harvesting rings, proxy services, collusion, and professional bad actors of all shapes and sizes are a reality that must be dealt with in high-stakes testing. As someone tasked with ensuring the integrity of a portfolio of high-stakes exam programs, it is comforting to know that if the need arises PMI can turn to CIS for in-depth investigation resources that will help us quickly get the information we need to contain problems.”

Patrick D. Watts
Exam Security Specialist
Project Management Institute

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