When conducting online, remote-proctored testing, it is critical to take an objective look at your systems, personnel, practices, and policies. Does everything work as you envisioned? Is everyone following the rules? Quality assurance for exams is designed to give you a window into your remote testing program and provide the data you need most.


When it comes to remote testing, it can be difficult to really know what is happening behind the screens. Quality assurance of examinations and assessments carves a window into:

The User Experience

Gain valuable insight into your proctor, administrator, and test-taker experiences by monitoring the entire remote testing process. By stepping into their shoes, you truly know whether your policies and procedures flow just the way you planned them to—smoothly. Does what you expect to see line up with what the auditors see?

The Bigger Picture

You know the old tale of the blind man and the elephant. When you conduct quality assurance for exams delivered remotely, you’ll be able to view a bigger picture, gathering both the high-level and granular information necessary to validate that your test security policies and procedures are working as planned.

Stakeholder Behavior

Let’s be real: Everybody needs at least a modicum of assurance that their proctors, test administrators, and test takers are following the rules. That’s hard enough when test takers are all right in front of you, let alone remote. Auditing remote test administrations is the best way to confirm no one is subverting your rules and your policies are keeping your tests secure.

A Path Forward

Don’t let your security policies become irrelevant. Conduct a QA check on your remote testing program to gain actionable feedback on what is working well (and not so well). Our expert guidance and a wealth of audit data will help you identify any vulnerabilities that you can proactively address through changes to your rules, procedures, or training.


Quality Assurance Check for Remote Proctoring

Have you ever wanted to see your test delivery experience from the test taker’s point of view? With a Caveon QA check, trained QA auditors pose as candidates to take your online remote-proctored test using a set of protocols configured to your unique test administration rules. After the audits, you’ll have access to all the detailed data that’s been collected as well as the auditor’s recommendations.

Recorded Test
Session Audits

Does your testing program utilize a record-and-review method of proctoring? Has your testing window already ended? Our Recorded Test Session Audits review video-recorded sessions of an online delivered exam, and follow a proven procedure for the quality assurance of exams, saving you hours of time and ensuring the validity of test results. Our auditors flag suspicious behavior, allowing you to view a summary and drill down deeper as needed.


Caveon’s test security experts are equipped (and eager) to do the job right. We conduct comprehensive quality assurance in testing programs using our trademark sense of:


Sometimes an outside perspective is exactly the right tool for the job. We take our responsibility to act as neutral observers seriously, so ask us—and trust the results.


We’re equipped with years of experience monitoring both in-person and remote test administrations. Our highly-trained auditors are prepared for every possible scenario.


Security is kind of our thing. No one is better trained to understand what should (and shouldn’t) be happening during remote test administrations than we are.


Our goal is to be sure that your policies and procedures are being upheld, which is why we work closely with you to tailor our protocols to fit your unique needs.


Our aim is be honest and helpful by providing quality feedback. When we deliver the results of our audit, we’ll also help you dive deeper into the data to uncover meaningful trends and solutions.

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