You already knew that, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded. Whether you want to do a complete review of your practices, codify your policies, or prove to your stakeholders that you care about your exam validity, Caveon has the test security guidance you need.


To keep your car running, you see a mechanic. To keep your health in good condition, you visit the doctor. To keep your test program secure, you need to…

Know What You Don’t Know

We get it, you are busy. Moreover, you can’t be an expert in everything. That’s okay. The problem is, your test security is too important to be overlooked, given cursory attention, or put on the back burner. When the stakes are this high and you need assessment program help, let the experts do the heavy lifting.

Cover Your Behind

When it comes to security, it’s critical to identify the risks you face, in what areas, and at what potential cost. Every testing program has its own unique security concerns. A formal review of your program will provide the necessary insight for you to cover your behind (and anything else you don’t want exposed).

Get Actionable Feedback

Like any good self-improvement exercise, test security guidance should be more than isolating and picking apart your flaws. For every potential security vulnerability an expert helps you identify, you should expect a security recommendation to address it. Better still, the strategy should be tailored, practical, and proven to work within other similar testing programs.

Be Fully Prepared

Don’t wait for an emergency to ask yourself what to do in an emergency. If you are like most testing programs, many of your test protocols and practices are not formally codified. It may not seem important now, but you’ll want to be ready with a security plan that brings all your test security policies, procedures, and materials together in one place.

Rest Easy

From planning to incident response, legal protections, and back again, taking a formal look at the efficacy of your test security will help you catch some higher-quality Z’s at night. You’ll no longer have to toss and turn mulling over hypothetical scenarios in your head. You’ll have your plans on paper—done and dusted—and the peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for any security threats that dare come your way.


Caveon Security Audit℠

To keep your program safe and your test results valid, our Security Audit provides an independent, impartial review of your test security policies and procedures. We’ll evaluate all of your formal and informal processes against 300 “best practices standards,” highlighting your security strengths, identifying risks, and offering actionable recommendations to address any vulnerabilities.

Agile Test Security Audit

The Caveon Agile Test Security Audit (ATSA) blends industry-leading test security expertise and technology-driven agility to provide a clear snapshot of the health of your test program. This focused audit from an independent, third-party perspective, celebrates your effective policies, identifies your vulnerabilities, and provides expert guidance on your test security.

Review and Refresh​

Test security risks, standards, and innovations are changing every year. You may have performed an audit before, but it’s important to stay ahead of changing trends. Like a doctor’s visit for your program, renewing your audit confirms that everything is in tip-top shape, or if not, uncovers what you can do to to realign with current best practices.


...unmatched in experience.

Whether you measure qualitatively or quantitatively, Caveon test security experts are the best in the business. Our experience is unmatched and our scope is unparalleled.

...a trustworthy partner.

Of course we’ll be thorough and precise, but more importantly, we’ll be curious and understanding. Our goal is not to make you feel judged, but to help you feel supported.

...going to get the job done.​

By applying 300 proprietary test security standards and examination protocols, we provide you with the most comprehensive analysis, showing you where all your strengths and vulnerabilities lie. Full stop.

...not going to waste any of your time.​

We know you’re busy, and we wouldn’t dream of wasting your time. When we deliver your audit results, we assign priorities and can even produce a “top ten” or “most urgent” list of security considerations to maximize your security incident response readiness.

...serving you safely.​

During the pandemic, we’ve responded to our clients’ needs and interests by doing our comprehensive Caveon Security Audit℠ without the need for our usual face-to-face meetings. Let’s support safe social distancing and test security at the same time.

The Caveon Seal of Excellence - (CSE)

Caveon is proud to offer the Caveon Seal of Excellence (CSE) —a standards-based, quality assurance program that denotes a testing organization’s commitment to meeting the highest standards in test security.

The CSE is a mark of prestigious recognition awarded to those testing organizations that exemplify the very best test security practices, policies, and processes. The CSE demonstrates a testing organization’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the validity of exam results.

Following the completion of a Caveon Test Security Audit, Caveon may award the CSE to eligible testing organizations that meet Caveon’s Test Security Audit Standards and demonstrate their commitment to implementing Caveon’s high priority audit recommendations.

All eligible CSE recipients must accept the Caveon Seal of Excellence User Agreement. To learn more about the CSE and how your organization may qualify, contact us today.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“For years, Caveon has helped the American Board of Surgery to assure the integrity of our examinations so that we can address our mission of protecting the public in terms of optimal surgical care.”

Thomas W. Biester

Director of Psychometrics & Data Analysis

American Board of Surgery

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