Alison Foster Green

Director of Marketing

As the Director of Marketing at Caveon, Alison shapes and directs marketing and communication initiatives to promote the importance of test security. Having committed the last five years to improving fairness in testing by ensuring that the validity of exams are not undermined by test fraud, Alison enables people and institutions to understand the nuances of test security and empowers them to act on their knowledge. 

Alison bases all efforts to expand Caveon’s community of clients and peers on the principles of mutual trust and open-minded innovation. While she is tickled pink by marketing buzzwords such as “conversion metrics”, “campaign analytics”, “key performance indicators”, she understands that meaningful brand relationships will only thrive in a culture of sincerity, generosity, active listening, and continuous learning. She ensures that these standards are the foundation of all Caveon’s communication efforts and popular array of thought-leadership and educational resources. 

As part of her marketing and communication efforts, Alison directs Caveon’s branding, advertising, multi-channel digital marketing, inbound content marketing, media relations, marketing automation, website development measures. She manages and oversees sponsorships, events, charitable contributions, partnerships with membership organizations, training development, and more.

Alison regularly presents at industry conferences and participates on participates on industry committees for test security and marketing. She graduated from Middlebury college with a degree (BA) in Political Science and received her Masters (MSc) in Human Rights from the London School of Economics. An avid traveller, Alison has spent time in more than 40 countries around the world.