All-in-One Exam Development Tool

Scorpion™ is the test development hub of the Caveon Testing Platform. It was created by testing professionals, for testing professionals—with exam security in mind. After spending more than a decade in test development, our lead developer saw first-hand how the limitations and archaic features of existing test development tools were impeding test programs. We wanted to create a tool that makes developing exams easier and more secure, not more complicated. The result? A straightforward, powerful exam builder—designed with your needs in mind.

Test Development Made Easy

Create exams with a powerful, efficient, and secure development tool. Scorpion is…


Don’t waste time learning how to use the tool—spend your time creating with it! This sleek, modern development hub is intuitive to use. Look to your dashboard for a high-level view of your projects or navigate with ease through items, blueprints, collaborators and review workflows.


Build items and exams to your exact specifications. The simple-yet-elegant user interface packs tons of features into one functional tool. Choose from a wide variety of item types to support all paradigms and cognitive levels of testing. Get creative with SmartItem™ technology, DOMC™ items, adaptive exams, and more.


You’ll always have the option to leverage Caveon’s Testing Platform as a start-to-finish development and delivery pipeline. But even if you only opt to use Caveon’s test development tools, custom imports and exports make it a breeze to migrate, integrate, and publish with your third-party vendors.


Top-of-the-line IT security features such as two-factor authentication, permission-based access, and encrypted connections keep your content safe during development. Cutting-edge exam security techniques like IP/session checks and self-protecting items help ensure lasting protection of your intellectual property.


The user roles in Scorpion are designed to balance user-friendliness with maximum security. Save valuable time and money by securely, remotely collaborating with your team from anywhere. Use the customizable roles and permissions to control access to your sensitive project content.


Building exams has never been easier. Auto-split functionality takes the guesswork out of building forms, and the drag-and-drop interface allows you to manually tweak your exams based on live statistics updates. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3: Create, review, and publish. Need to republish? That’s easy too. The power is in your hands. 

Need a complete development and delivery solution?

Scorpion was designed to work seamlessly with the rest of the Caveon Testing Platform. SEI™, Caveon’s Test Delivery Hub, picks right up where test development leaves off. Blueprint, build, review, and edit your exams, then turn around and seamlessly publish, deliver, perform maintenance, run reports, analyze your data, and score your exams—all within Caveon’s Testing Platform. But that’s not all. Caveon’s technology also supports rapid, cost-effective item pool expansion using AIG powered by the SmartItem. Generate thousands of item instances at the push of a button, then view and export your items with ease. Use Caveon’s full suite of testing tools for a complete, end-to-end solution, or use only what you need. Caveon’s development, delivery, and AIG tools are easy to migrate and work with all major third-party vendors. We’d love to strengthen your program in any way we can.

Need a tool that’s actually easy to use?

There’s a good chance that Scorpion is the only development tool your team will ever want to use again. We say that because we hear it often. Some tools require weeks-long training sessions; this test development hub requires virtually no training at all, saving your entire team a ton of time. Gone are the days of building the scaffolding of complex items on the back-end with the help of developers. Build complex and innovative item types such as matching, build list, and DOMC with minimal hand-holding. Simply enter your content into items, then let the system do the scoring for you. Item Writers, Managers, and Editors will all be able to find features that will make their jobs easier, including the power to build SmartItems and generate thousands of unique item iterations at the push of a button.  

Don’t force your SMEs, writers, and editors to spend unnecessary time focusing on the steps it takes to create an item. Free them up to create high-quality items using their rich knowledge and experience.

Hoping to prevent fraud before it happens?

Content-protective items reduce test development costs by dramatically extending the life of your exams. Scorpion, along with the rest of Caveon’s Testing Platform, provides easy-to-use tools to build and utilize such items. 

DOMC items prevent or deter many types of test fraud by reducing content exposure and providing significantly more accurate and useful test scores. Similarly, SmartItems are items that have been designed to completely cover the objective being measured while, as if by magic, appearing differently each time they are administered. But it’s not magic—SmartItems are built using special and easy-to-use technology and design tools within Caveon’s Testing Platform. Deploying SmartItems, as opposed to regular items, renders stealing your test content utterly useless. Even if they were able to steal your entire exam, content thieves would simply be stealing subject matter from which to study. The items and answers they’d see on any given exam would be impossible for them to predict. 

Imagine if your items were immortal. How much time and money would you save?

Managing a team of item writers and subject matter experts?

Scorpion removes the need for unsecured methods of collaborating with your team. Rather than sharing exam content through vulnerable word documents and emails, gather your team together on this secure, collaborative interface. View other item writers’ and Subject Matter Experts’ comments and respond to them in real time. View security settings in your dashboard and work with the confidence that comes with knowing Caveon’s user-friendly authentication methods are keeping your projects safe while your SMEs quickly and easily breeze through their tasks.

Better still, the web-based functionality means you won’t have to waste any time downloading and running software. Just hop on and get to work.

Want complete control over your content?

The practice of restricting viewing access to only those who need to see it adds extra layers of security to your intellectual property. Limit content exposure quickly and easily using Scorpion’s sleek user interface.

Control access to sensitive project files, data sources, item content, and more with easy-to-manage roles and permissions. Restrict user access by content area or user role, then adjust permissions as needed. Use the simple interface to add administrators, writers, and reviewers; view each user’s security rating, and set restrictions on the objectives or review stages that each user is allowed to access.

Powerful Features. Simple Interface.


Push your items through unique workflows with configurable phases and statuses to fulfill your unique collaborative needs.


IT security features like two-factor authentication, IP and session checks, and encrypted connections keep your content safe during development.


Automatically split and balance forms using Scorpion’s auto-split functionality. Drag, drop, and publish within minutes.


Collaborate remotely with your item writers and reviewers using Scorpion’s secure access and content restriction settings.


Choose from multiple-choice, short answer, hotspot, build list, DOMC, essay, matching, and more; then turn them into a SmartItem with Scorpion’s powerful builder.


Avoid the hassle of transferring data between tools. Scorpion’s simple, automated cut-score processing makes it quick and painless.


Save yourself valuable time and just DIY. Scorpion’s intelligent and automated features free programs up to innovate, create, and control their items through the exam’s entire lifecycle. Scorpion has all the tools you need to take control of your security settings, integrate with your own vendors, and more. You’re covered from start to finish.


SmartItem Technology

Want to build items that’ll last forever? What about items that, if stolen, wouldn’t help the cheaters at all? The SmartItem, an innovation in self-protecting items, uses special technology during development to appear differently each time it is administered (like, more-permutations-of-this-exam-than-there-are-stars-in-the-observable-universe different). Build your un-steal-able exam with SmartItem technology.


The SmartItem is a living, breathing item, meaning that different iterations generate on the fly each time it appears on a test. Now, harnessing the power of the SmartItem, you can generate thousands of items automatically and immediately, then export your unique, static items and load them into your test development system. The power of SmartItem technology can expand your item pools into item oceans at the push of a button.

DOMC Items

Discrete Option Multiple Choice (DOMC) items are the long-awaited makeover for the multiple choice item type. With DOMC, options are randomly presented, one at a time. This innovation in testing prevents or deters many types of test fraud, provides significantly more accurate and useful test scores, saves money by reducing content exposure, and promotes fairness.

Caveon Testing Platform

Seamless Solutions for Secure Assessments

Caveon’s Testing Platform is designed to make every stage of test development and delivery as easy, efficient, innovative, and secure as possible—Are you ready to transform your testing process forever?

Test Delivery

Secure Exam Interface™ (SEI), Caveon’s test delivery hub, helps you deploy exams, prevent and detect fraud, remotely proctor, and pull valuable reports.


Caveon AIG harnesses the power of SmartItem technology to create thousands of items at the push of a button for lightning-fast item pool expansion.

SmartItem API

Now you can take the power of the SmartItem with you! Caveon’s embeddable SmartItem editor gives you the power to create a SmartItem with no coding experience.

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