Meaningful Work: Personal Reflections on the Importance of Valid Certification

When a life-changing diagnosis required one father to trust his infant child to a team of medical professionals, he couldn’t help but reflect on the importance of valid certifications, and on the real-world implications of test security.


I was never one of those people who believed I would find a job with a purpose meaningful enough to say that I “love” what I do. I’ve been in testing for 7 years, and I’ve genuinely liked all of the positions I’ve held in the industry, but I have always thought of my work as well… “work”. That all changed this year.

The first step towards that ultimate goal of loving my job came a few years ago when a chance conference encounter met with some bad traffic and a misrouted email. All of this ultimately led to my arrival at Caveon. In my new position, I spent my days discussing issues such as fairness, integrity, and the meaning of test scores. I began to intellectually understand why valid testing is important, and started to recognize the role that test security plays in ensuring trust in test results. However, it wasn’t until these past few months that the importance of our work resonated with me at a deeper emotional level.

Fast forward to fall of 2018—my wife and I were expecting our third son. After a rocky start to the pregnancy, we arrived at our 20-week appointment expecting to get the “all clear” and continue with our lives. The universe, however, had different plans. Our high-risk OBGYN said that something in the ultrasound just didn’t look right, and that she needed to get her lead sonographer to take another look. It turned out that things weren’t all clear; our baby was diagnosed…

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Benjamin Hunter

Technology Product Manager & Sales Director, Caveon Test Security

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