Publicizing Test Security: Communication is Key to Deterring Fraud

Perhaps the most compelling way to deter potential wrongdoers is to tell them how you detect and prevent fraud. Appeal to their moral integrity, educate them about the consequences of fraudulent behavior, and convince them that the likelihood of getting caught is too high to be worth the risk.

If you do well on the exam, you could get into the “right” school. If you get into the “right” school, you might meet the “right” people. If you know the “right” people, you might get the “right” job and lead the “right” life. If you follow this path to its logical conclusion, you’ll find the stakes to do well on this exam are pretty high.

So you decide that the stakes are indeed high enough that you’d do anything within your power to ensure that you do well. You heard from a friend (who heard from a friend who heard from their cousin) that there’s a website that hosts study materials for the exam. If you pay a small fee, you can even get your eyes on some live exam questions! It’s risky. You know that. But you’ve already considered this from every angle. After all, you weren’t the one who copied exam questions. You’re not the one selling them on the internet. And who really gets hurt here, anyway? It’s possible that what you’re doing is…


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Brinnlie Knavel

Marketing Specialist

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