Quid Pro Quotes

When it comes to testing, preventative health is key. And these 12 influential researchers, philosophers, authors, historians, and philanthropists have something to say about it! Why not give them a moment of your time and see for yourself, quid pro quo?

When it comes to test development, preventative health matters. Preventing test theft, reputational damage, invalid results, or other harms beats the work, hours, and costs of fixing harm after it occurs.

Of course, the value of prevention is nothing new. In 1736, Ben Franklin—under an assumed name—asked Philadelphians to look at how a common and long-established practice could lead to harm. True, transporting live coals via a shovel seemed easy and not worth remark. Equally true, taking a seemingly-easy but unexamined path could lead to great loss:

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Saundra Foderick

Exam Development Manager, Caveon Test Security