The Present & Future of Proctoring

Whether remote or on-site, paper- or computer-based, “proctoring” isn’t new to our field. But with all this new technology emerging, what changes and enhancements can we expect for our proctoring friends, and how can we better support them on their heroic quest?


Proctoring as we know it today is as old as the hills. Since we’ve all taken tests, we’ve seen proctoring in action. Proctors check identification and sign you in. They provide and read exam instructions. Then when you are settled in, they watch you and everyone else taking tests. They hope, as you do, that they are not called on to “handle an incident.” Proctors, in general, are not paid that well—sometimes they are even volunteers. Training is sometimes brief, but in other instances can take many weeks and result in a certification exam. They are asked to do a difficult chore, to stop test fraud when they see it. It’s difficult because some test fraud, occurring right under their noses, is virtually impossible for them to see…

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