Is There a Youtube for That?

Written by Dr. Jamie Mulkey, Vice President of Client Services, Caveon

Learning how to combat test security incidents through YouTube; it still isn’t the answer.
A few years ago, I wrote a blog on the number of estimated YouTube videos there were on test cheating. At the time, I found 623,000 videos. I contrasted that with the number of YouTube videos on how to catch cheaters. As you can imagine, there were very few. I decided to search again to see if the number of videos had changed. Inconceivably, the increase in the number of test cheating videos went up by approximately 411%. Yes, that’s right! The number of cheating videos has increased to 256,000,000. Staggering. In contrast, I found two types of videos that addressed cheating. One set of videos that discussed how to catch cheaters (70,800,000) and another search that produced a set of videos on how to prevent cheating (13,100,000).  There are only 27% and 5% of test cheat-fighting videos to test cheating videos respectively. No wonder it’s a challenge to get on top of this problem! Let’s face it, learning how to combat test theft and fraud through YouTube is still not the answer. As a test security professional, you need to spend time reading, researching what others have done, attending expert presentations, and networking with individuals. Individuals, such as yourself, who have a passion for making sure individuals take tests honorably and fairly. Not unlike other fields, test security is changing dramatically. New technologies, more elaborate analyses, innovative item types, and better practices are transforming from catching cheaters and thieves to preventing them from taking advantage in the first place.

Instead of watching YouTube videos, register to attend the upcoming Conference on Test Security (COTS 2018). COTS is the only gathering fully devoted to individuals who have devoted their time and talents to test security. This year’s conference will have several interactive presentations and workshops in the areas of test security tools and approaches for protecting test validity, advanced statistical methods and applications for detecting potential test fraud, and test security practices for improving test program effectiveness. Here, you will find several presentations that have been planned to address many of the questions the testing field faces today. You’ll find that much of this conference has been carved out specifically for you, the test security professional, for networking with others to understand the complexities and intricacies of managing test security within your organization. The program can be found here.

The registration price? $95. Not as cheap as YouTube, but you will gain so much more! And, instead of sitting in front of your computer watching badly-made videos, you will be discussing test security issues and solutions with actual, live professionals from our field. Imagine that…

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Alison Foster

Test Security Specialist, Caveon Test Security