Superheroes and Supervillains

Written by Dr. David Foster, CEO

The testing industry is under attack from two nefarious supervillains: testwiseness and cheating. Worry not, it is in your power to join testing superheroes and defend the fairness of exams.

The Supervillains

I watched the new Avengers movie recently and easily recognized Thanos as the biggest supervillain the Marvel universe has ever known. In the universe we all inhabit, we have other well-known villains. There are individuals such as Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wilkes Booth, as well as non-human villains such as earthquakes, cancer, poverty, and war.
Even the testing industry is not safe from the threat of supervillains. In my opinion, there are two villains who plague us, and in doing so introduce unfairness into our test scores. They are ……

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David Foster

President and CEO, Caveon Test Security