Ask an Expert: Aimée Hobby Rhodes

Written by Aimee Hobby Rhodes of the CFA Institute, & Alison Foster Green of Caveon Test Security

Aimée Hobby Rhodes is the Director of Exam Security at CFA Institute. Ms. Rhodes is responsible to ensure that CFA exams are administered securely by evaluating strategies and developing innovative security management techniques. She and her team review policies and procedures with an eye toward security, oversee web monitoring, analyze data forensics, performance statistics, and unusual behavioral indicators to identify threats to the CFA program. They also evaluate cheating technologies to determine how they can be employed in the testing room, develop and test pilot programs to address security concerns, and provide exam supervisors and proctors with materials and methods to identify and report unusual behavior in the testing room.

Do you think it is important for the field of test security to embrace innovation? Why?

“I think it’s essential for test security professionals to embrace innovation. In today’s super competitive world, we know test takers are looking for any advantage to get ahead. We hope most of their energy is put toward studying for our exams and expanding their knowledge, unfortunately, we know some test takers turn to unethical means to get ahead. Many of those means involve innovative ideas. In order for test security professionals to protect the integrity of our exams, we need to be aware of what are test takers are doing and how they might take advantage of an unfair opportunity. Staying on top of and even ahead of this kind of innovation is crucial” ……

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Alison Foster

Test Security Specialist, Caveon Test Security