ATP Women Give Back

Written by Dr. Jamie Mulkey, VP, Client Services

Caveon’s annual ATP pre-conference Women in Testing reception aims to celebrate and support the women in this industry, all while providing an opportunity to meet new friends and renew old friendships. This year’s reception had a public service focus, and invitees kicked off the conference by supporting the Magdalena House, a transitional home in San Antonio, Texas that serves mothers and children who have fled dangerous and abusive lives by providing transformation through education, nurturing community, and programming.

Caveon’s annual ATP Pre-Conference Women in Testing Reception has had a long history. In 2006, it started with just six women, sitting outside by the pool on a balmy Palm Springs evening during the conference, drinking something bubbly, and toasting ourselves as women contributors to the field of assessment. This year’s reception took on a whole new meaning. With the recent women’s empowerment initiatives sweeping the country, it seemed fitting that the women of Caveon do something beyond acknowledging talented women in assessment. We needed to give back to other women who were less fortunate.

Our Caveon colleague, Sally Valenzuela, lives in the San Antonio area and has worked with a local women’s shelter, the Magdalena House, in the past. Supporting this shelter became our mission for the event. We quickly learned that the best way to contribute to this worthy charity was to provide “Mag House” with small-denomination gift cards to Walmart, Target, or HEB grocery stores. We asked invitees to each bring a $10 gift card. The response was overwhelming! Guests were excited to attend, they wanted to know if they could bring friends, and bring additional money to purchase cards during the event. We ended up raising over $1,300 for the Magdalena House, with Caveon agreeing to triple the donations from the attendees, and donate the furniture that was used at the booth in the ATP exhibit hall as well…

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Alison Foster

Test Security Specialist, Caveon Test Security