Celebrating 15 Years: an interview with John Fremer

Written by Dr. John Fremer, President of Consulting Services

2018 marks the 15th anniversary since Caveon Test Security first opened its (virtual) doors. Caveon has come a long way since Dave Foster and the small band of colleagues first recognized, and decided to address, the industry-wide need for test security. What started as a small team of enterprising pioneers has grown into a one-stop-shop for test security solutions and thought leadership. In this article, a Caveon veteran speaks to their experience at the forefront of this burgeoning field, reminisce on the past decade and a half of progress, and ruminate on what the future might hold.

How has the reality of working for Caveon differed from your expectations upon joining 15 years ago?

Here at Caveon, there developed very quickly a “family” atmosphere and the sense that we were going to face all challenges together. I have worked in good places before, but the quality of the personal interactions was beyond what I have ever experienced.

What was the biggest obstacle Caveon faced as a young company?

We underestimated how difficult it would be to establish a place for ourselves in the testing industry. In the beginning, few companies had a test security budget or a person whose job it was to make decisions about test security. We had to draw on our own resources for quite a while.

How has your role at Caveon changed in the past 15 years?

I have served in different roles over our lifespan. The most difficult was being Caveon’s President and COO at a time when Caveon and the testing industry was facing a significant downturn. We had evidence that clients really liked our products and services, so I was confident that we would succeed, and part of my responsibilities turned out to be serving as a “cheerleader” and counselor. Many of us played multiple roles to keep expenses down. At one point, I had three jobs within the company, including being the President and the top sales professional. Even when I feel very busy at times now, it does not match the frenetic pace of that period.

What is your favorite Caveon memory?

To celebrate my winning of the ATP Career Award, my colleagues threw a party for me at the ATP Conference and a wonderful singing group performed. The lead singer was Jamie Mulkey and the lead guitarist, Steve Addicott. It was as good as it gets, and I treasure that memory.

What do you think sets Caveon apart?

At Caveon, we try to treat each client as we would like to be treated. That means listening to what they want and trying our best to provide it in a friendly, productive, and professional way. We care about the impression we have on them, and we try to be helpful and responsive with everyone that we deal with. It is also the way we aim to treat each other within the company. All staff facilitate our weekly company meeting; any staff member has access to our CEO, Dave Foster; colleagues routinely help across programs and projects to meet client needs. Every person is important and merits our respect and regard. It is how we treat both our colleagues and our clients… (continue reading).

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John Fremer

President of Consulting Services, Caveon Test Security