Caveon Launches New Technology – Secure Exam Interface

April 24, 2017

For immediate release

Salt Lake City, UT –Caveon Test Security, the industry leader in protecting high-stakes exams, is pleased to offer a new software product, Caveon’s Secure Exam Interface (SEI). More than just a test engine, SEI is a security enhancer that wraps your exams in cutting-edge security protocols before linking them to your preferred third-party test administration provider.

“Some have called SEI a test driver or test engine, but it is so, so much more than that. That would be like calling a T-Rex a lizard,” says Caveon CEO, Dr. David Foster. “SEI has many features above and beyond simple test drivers. Designed by Caveon test security experts, with an eye for the future of testing, SEI supports dozens of new security features so you can oversee your own test security future, and do so easily.”

SEI uses innovative security methods and cutting-edge technology to boost confidence in your test results. Any test administration provider can link to SEI to launch the test, pause and un-pause the test, suspend the test, and monitor a person taking the test. However, Caveon SEI limits the test administrator’s ability to handle exam items, create and publish tests, or receive and handle test results. Caveon SEI ensures that important test information remains secure during an administration, as well as gives testing programs complete control over their test data.

“One of the most valuable features of SEI is that it provides immediate access to test results. No wait, no fee,” says David. “In addition, SEI allows your tests to be portable. It allows you to transfer between test administration service providers with virtually no hassle. SEI returns control over an exam to where it belongs, in the hands of the people who developed it and have a stake in its credibility. I encourage anyone interested in protecting their exams to explore what SEI has to offer. There are dozens of features that will benefit testing programs of any shape and size.”

For more information about SEI, or another Caveon technology product, please call 801-208-0103, or email benjamin.hunter(at)