Stop Counting Sheep; Start Counting Useful Test Scores

Written by Tara Williams, Chief Editor, Secure Exam Development & Support

April 3, 2017

(Read on for a chance to enter a drawing to win a sleep tracker!)

We’ve all been there: Those sleepless evenings when shuteye seems as elusive as Ahab’s white whale, evenings when we askourselves, as Dorothy Parker once wrote, “How do people go to sleep? I’m afraid I’ve lost the knack.”

For those of us in testing, there are plenty of challenges to go around, turning even the calmest among us into insomniacs, if only for a night—whether you’re an industry leader, staring at the ceiling fan at 3:00AM, trying to untangle (in order to successfully re-assemble) the vast web of complicated forces that have led to testing backlash in K-12, or a project manager attempting to develop an exam with subject matter experts whose day jobs keep them so busy they have little time to write or review items.

Or perhaps you’re counting sheep to no avail after recently coming to this tough realization: Regardless of the time and money you spend creating accurate, fair, relevant, and appropriately-difficult items that are edited to perfection by an English major named William Shakespeare, if they are stolen and used for cheating purposes (this happens in some cases after just three weeks of publication), your exam scores will lose their usefulness, rendering you and our development team’s efforts futile.

I’d offer you a cup of chamomile tea at this point, but I believe that, at Caveon, we may have something even better for you: A targeted, threat-based approach to protecting your exams. By identifying the test theft and cheating threats that are central to your program, you can begin—with our help—to design a laser-focused security solution that helps keep your exam results valid and trustworthy. You’ll not only be protecting your exam results, but your development team’s stalwart commitment to producing quality items that measure well.

While other things (like the inevitability of Death and Taxes) may still keep you up at night, test fraud will not. Why not track how much better your sleep is with a free Sense sleep tracker? Fill out the information below, and we’ll enter your name in a drawing for a chance to win.

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Tara Williams

Chief Editor, Caveon Test Security