Caveon Launches Test Security Incident Management Software

March 15, 2017

For immediate release

Salt Lake City, Utah – Caveon Test Security is pleased to introduce Caveon Core™, an online software that acts as a hub for your testing program’s secure activities. Designed to enhance security while simultaneously increasing the accessibility of test data, Core helps collect, manage, store, transfer, analyze and secure all of your valuable test information.

“Test security as a discipline and as a process is becoming more complicated.” Says Dr. David Foster, Caveon’s CEO. “This may be because we are learning more about security or because security incidents are becoming more prominent. Whatever the reason, it has become important to manage incidents by tracking them, following up, and eventually resolving them. Caveon Core simplifies this process by helping you manage your security efforts and making sure nothing slips through the cracks. Core is built to help you stay on top of your information and even share relevant documentation, all with complete confidence in the security of your data.”

Caveon Core was designed with maximum flexibility in mind. It allows you to share files, receive results, and manage test security incidents in a secure and intuitive way. Core protects your information with the latest test security methods, as well as provides immediate access to test data, easy-to-use analyses, and secure methods for sharing data. From a management standpoint, Core’s flexible configuration allows you to fully customize your data, user roles, and workflow, increasing your productivity and helping save valuable time and resources.

“Core has the potential to change the way the assessment industry approaches test security management,” says Benjamin Hunter, Director of Sales and Project Management for Caveon’s Technology team. “Its real-time, data-driven tools for security incident tracking and elimination tool are game changers. With Core, you will be more efficient, more secure, and will have a better understanding of the health of your exam programs.”

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