Caveon to Present at Annual Conference on Test Security

October 16, 2016

For immediate release

Salt Lake City, Utah – Caveon is pleased to announce participation in the fifth annual Conference on Test Security (COTS). Caveon will play an integral part of the event, co-hosting the conference as well as having several team members present informational sessions on the program agenda.

“Cheating and the theft of tests continue to be a scourge to testing programs large and small. COTS is so important because it is completely dedicated to blunting, perhaps eliminating, the effects of these threats.” Dr. David Foster, Caveon CEO, says of the conference. “Caveon is thrilled to be part of this event, and will contribute valuable sessions on topics such as best practices, new innovations, new risks, and how to prevent and better detect problems. In addition to formal presentations, this conference also provides the opportunity for experts across many sectors of the testing industry to exchange ideas, share insights from their various fields, and form and build relationships that provide mutual help and comfort that will last long after the conference is over.”

At COTS, Caveon will share the stage with other well-known test security experts from a variety of educational and certification institutions. Caveon sessions include:

  • Workshop: Statistical Analysis of Test Fraud
  • Workshop: How the Design of a Test Can Reduce Security Problems
  • Dousing the Flames of a Media Firestorm
  • Using Test Results with Identical Answers to Obtain Credible Evidence of Test Security Breaches
  • Backlash: How The Purposeful Disclosure of Test Items on The Internet Impacts Test Security
  • Test Security Requirements in USED Peer Review and States’ Responses
  • The Every Student Succeeds Act and Implications for Test Security in States
  • Shine Spotlights on Test Sites: Effective Use of On-Site Monitoring to Assess and Improve Test Security
  • The Efficacy of Using Item Response Latency Statistics to Detect Pre-Knowledge

The conference will be held October 18-20, 2016 at the Marriot Conference Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. For more information visit the conference web site or contact