Caveon Joins American National Standards Institute

Caveon is pleased to announce that it has joined the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), a private, not-for-profit organization that oversees the creation and use of thousands of norms, guidelines, and accreditations that directly impact businesses in nearly every sector.

The decision to join ANSI is an important step in Caveon’s continued commitment to establishing high standards in the field of assessment. “Standards are needed to help provide structure, evidence, and sustainability to support tried and true practices.” Dr. Jamie Mulkey. “At Caveon, our decision to participate and contribute as an ANSI member is a testament to our commitment to developing and promoting high standards throughout the testing community.”

Caveon has been affiliated with ANSI before in several capacities over the years, but it now joins the institute as a Standards Development Organization (SDO). This role will allow Caveon to propose a set of standards and get them accepted as national guidelines by the assessment community. Specifically, Caveon is looking to have its online proctoring standards accepted by ANSI and established as an American national standard.

“As a new technology, online proctoring has tremendous potential to improve the security of high-stakes test administration. There are many new and old security threats that can be dealt with effectively by a trained and independent observer, with new security controls at his or her fingertips. Online proctoring, if carried out according to a set of national standards, has the promise of taking an aging monitoring model to a more effective level,” states Dr. David Foster, Caveon’s CEO.

Establishing standards of online proctoring is an important step in creating universal standards for test security. Caveon will continue to work with standard-setting organizations such as ANSI to establish guidelines and best practices designed to protect assessments from any and all external threats.