Caveon Releases the Caveon Seal of Excellence™ to Recognize Programs’ Test Security Efforts

Caveon Test Security is proud to announce its Caveon Seal of Excellence (CSE) program. The CSE is a quality assurance effort to improve
test security practices across the testing industry. The Seal signifies that an organization exemplifies the best practices in test security.

The Caveon Seal of Excellence:

  • is a prestigious recognition awarded to those companies who exemplify the very best test security practices, policies, and processes.
  • provides organizations with a mark of excellence, recognition for their efforts to keep exam results valid
  • is designed to acknowledge those testing organizations that are in compliance with Caveon’s Test Security Standards.

The CSE is awarded to organizations that have met two levels of criteria: they have completed a Caveon Security Audit in the last two years, and meet a minimum set of security requirements.

To learn more about the CSE, and how your organization can qualify, contact us today.