Caveon Leadership Unveils Secure Exam Development and Support Department

Caveon Test Security, the industry leader in protecting high-stakes exams, is pleased to announce the rebranding of its test development division, Caveon Secure Exam Development and Support (C-SEDS).

“The purpose of our new test development services team, C-SEDS, is to help our clients build more secure exams,” says Dr. David Foster, Caveon CEO. “Traditionally, items and exams were and are created without much thought as to how they can improve security and protect test scores. We want to change this approach to development. Without a doubt, relatively minor changes in design can greatly improve how we detect, deter and prevent test fraud. In contrast to traditional test development, C-SEDS’ first goal is to help clients build more protective high-quality exams. We at Caveon are excited about this change and look forward to seeing how the focus on security will impact the industry-at-large.”

The newly enhanced C-SEDS is re-envisioning the test development process, using innovative practices to incorporate security into the most fundamental level of test and item design. C-SEDS approaches security proactively – using exam design to protect exams from theft and cheating, work as a deterrent, and be used to identify cheaters through innovative features such as watermarking and Trojan horses. Caveon’s team of test development experts uses these methods, among others, to help clients take the next step towards comprehensive test security.

In the words of Kelli Foster, director of C-SEDS, “The goal of C-SEDS is to proactively address exam security at the most basic level of exam creation. Our services are designed to ensure that an exam is secure from its inception through all phases of its life span. Secure exam design is not a cosmetic procedure; it impacts how an exam functions at its most fundamental level. A proper approach to test and item design cannot only protect your exams, but can result in increased efficiency and a more rapid response to security breaches. Careful planning and thoughtful design will have a positive, long-term, security impact.”

To learn more about C-SEDS’ services and secure test design please visit:, or contact us at (801) 208-0103.