Who Said it—Walt Disney or a Caveon Test Security Professional?

There were 1164 attendees at ATP’s Innovations in Testing this year, which is a new record! They say it takes a village, and based on the growth of this conference over the years, our testing village is getting larger and stronger, equipping itself through multi-disciplinary collaboration to ensure that the tests we create matter—that is, that they produce results that are valid and useful to society, and that we have a plan in place to help society understand why and how these results are useful. After all, without buy-in from all stakeholders, especially test takers—and their families in the case of K-12 testing—we’ll continue to see backlash toward testing, particularly in the form of opting out.

Security was well-represented, a topic of many sessions and conversations at the conference: from re-thinking traditional processes to prevent the harvesting of test items during the translation stage of exam development, to using automatic item generation to efficiently create items from templates and algorithms. It’s a brave new world of technology and testing, and Caveon, with its industry partners, is pleased to be at the helm in many areas, including an effort with ANSI to create standards around online proctoring.

It wasn’t all business, though. With the event hosted in the capital of magic—Orlando, Florida—many used this as an opportunity to take their families to Disney World. In fact, Walt Disney’s grand vision and imagination is ubiquitous throughout Orlando (except for the airport, which could actually use some Disney magic … but I digress). This brings us to the quiz portion of this blog!

Who said it?—Walt Disney, or a Caveon test security professional?

1. “Should we surrender and accept defeat? Should we ignore what is happening like the ostrich with his head in the sand? Should we simply cross our fingers and hope to get lucky? How about psychotherapy to help us accept what we can’t change? Personally, I don’t think any of these will work well and would not recommend them. But I do have an alternative to suggest. Why don’t we fight fire with fire?”

A.  Walt Disney
B.  Dave Foster


2. “Don’t get stuck in what is sometimes called a ‘foolish consistency.’”

A. Walt Disney
B. John Fremer


3. “That’s progress. That’s the way innovation and standards come together.”

A. Walt Disney
B. Dave Foster


4. “Strategic thinking is big thinking.”

A. Walt Disney
B. Dennis Maynes


5. “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

A. Walt Disney
B. John Fremer


6. “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

A. Walt Disney
B. Steve Addicott


7. “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

A. Walt Disney
B. Dave Foster


Find the answer key at the bottom of the page. Join us for our next Caveon webinar to find out other lessons learned at Innovations in Testing, and how test security and development are changing.


1. Dave Foster

2. John Fremer

3. Dave Foster

4. Dennis Maynes

5 – 7: Walt Disney

Tara Williams

Chief Editor, Caveon Test Security

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