Caveon Presents at Annual Innovations in Testing Conference

Next week, Caveon test security experts will join industry professionals at the annual Innovations in Testing Conference. Hosted by the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) in Orlando, Florida, Caveon professionals will play an integral of the event.

Caveon Test Security, the industry leader in protecting high-stakes test programs, is pleased to have several team members presenting informational sessions on the program agenda. Caveon will share the stage with other well-known test security experts from a variety of educational institutions. Sessions include:

  • Dumping the Dopes Who Use Braindump Sites: How IBM Turned the Tables Using Data Forensics
  • Test Security SMACKDOWN
  • Shutting the Barn Door after the Horse has Bolted
  • FISHBOWL SESSION: Herding Cats – How to Keep Track Of Your Test Security Incidents and Report Your Results
  • WORKSHOP: The Media is Knock, Knock, Knocking at Your Door…Now What???
  • FEATURED SPEAKER SESSION: The Complete Equation for Workforce Skills Credentialing
  • A Case Study – Considering Security from Program Inception

David Foster, Caveon’s CEO, says of the conference: “The ATP conference has always been an important event for Caveon. It provides us learning opportunities, new looks at technology, and amazing opportunities to network with like-minded professionals. We continue to send more Caveon representatives, and look forward to promoting new ideas in test security at this years conference.”

The Association of Test Publishers was founded to promote and develop testing and assessment best practices and to facilitate an environment that would benefit test-takers, businesses, educational organizations, and society in general. ATP provides educational and training programs for its members including newsletters and journals, conferences and annual meetings. Through its programs, ATP fosters an environment that promotes the exchange of ideas on testing issues and trends.

The conference will be held March 20-23. For more information visit or contact Richelle.gruber at