The 10 Most Wanted Traits of an Exam Security Professional

Move over, Captain America! Slide over, Super Girl! There are new superheroes in town. They are test security champions. They protect exams from thieves and cheaters, detect test security violations, respond to test security breaches, and improve an organization’s overall test security. These superheroes know how to get the job done.

Meet the new Certified Exam Security Professional (CESP) – Generalist: able to administer secure exams in a blink of an eye, analyze data forensic reports with uncanny accuracy to invalidate illicit test results, and boldly raise the test security beacon so that testing is a fair and valid experience for all.

Do you have the qualities of this new test security superhero? Not sure? Take a look and see how you rate against the 10 Most Wanted[1] Traits of the CESP – Generalist:

  1. The Authoritative Architect: Abiding by the Security Plan/Handbook, the Architect designs test security strategies and creates the policies, procedures, and processes needed to have a secure testing program that achieve the organization’s test security goals.
  1. The Detailed Detective: Looking for clues in data, the Detective determines whether scores are valid, recognizes possible item compromise, and highlights implications of program misconduct.
  1. The Snooping Surfer Dude: Scouring the internet, the Surfer Dude finds and removes stolen test content by serving DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notifications to ensure that illicit content won’t pop back up on brain dump sites. Surf’s up, illegal content is down!
  1. The Controlled Conductor:  Coordinating and managing the many components of the test security program, the Conductor excels at communicating essential test security program content to all stake holders and at training staff quickly, efficiently, and comprehensively.
  1. The Prying Prosecutor: Skilled at asking the right questions, the Prosecutor creates the right investigation plan and helps identify responsible parties when a test security breach occurs.
  1. The All-knowing Oracle: Anticipating test security breaches, the Oracle  creates and manages the Security Incident Response Plan (SIRP); a document that guides the plan of action when breaches occur.
  1. The Perceptive Patrol Officer: Keeping a vigilant eye over the physical environment of a testing organization, the Patrol Officer determines the right levels of onsite access for each individual and department.
  1. The Tenacious Techie: Employing their prowess in hacking cyber-related test security solutions, the Techie ensures the right levels of computer and system access are administered.
  1. The Strategic Sculptor: Carefully crafting theft-resistant items and clones, the artful Sculptor uses best practices to extend the life of item pools and thwarts cheaters.
  1. The Roving Reporter: Observing, managing, and monitoring secure test administrations, the Reporter observes and reports peculiar test taking behaviors and halts test thieves in their tracks.

These test security super heroes may not be able to leap tall buildings at a single bound, but the CESP – Generalist’s honed test security traits are ridding the planet of evil and making tests fair and valid for all test takers.

Look for a new 10 Most Wanted poster in the future! For more information on CESP, visit the web site.






[1] In the spirit of Caveon’s 10 Most Wanted Cheaters, colleague Dr. John Fremer and industry colleague, Dr. Kenneth Royal, suggested we come up with a 10 most wanted traits of an Exam Security Professional.







Alison Foster

Test Security Specialist, Caveon Test Security

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