Caveon Co-Hosts Conference on Test Security

The 2015 Conference on Test Security (COTS) is the only conference specifically for test security professionals. This year, COTS will be hosted by the University of Kansas Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation, Caveon Test Security, ACT, and the University of Wisconsin Center for Placement Testing. This groundbreaking eventwill set the stage for all types of educational, certification, and licensure programs to better protect the validity of their test results, as well as their brand integrity.

Expert industry leaders presented on a variety of test-security topics including using statistics to detect potential test fraud and their practical application, the various test security tools and methods for protecting the validity of testing results, developing or improving an organization’s test security program, and the ever-changing threats to exam security that the industry is facing.

COTS will be held November 4-6 in Lawrence, Kansas. For more information, please contact Richelle Gruber at 801-208-010, or, or visit the COTS website.