Caveon – The Swiss Army Knife of Test Security

Written by John Fremer, President, Consulting Services

October 27, 2015

Like many other people, I am a big fan of Swiss Army knives. They were my first exposure to an all-purpose tool and until airline screening procedures changed, I pretty much always carried one. Yes they had several different knife blades, but they also served as bottle openers, screw drivers, wine cork screws, scissors, and often many other functions.

I seen many parallels to how Caveon serves test programs. Need your test results evaluated to see how much cheating or test piracy is occurring?  We can help with our Caveon Data Forensics service.  It will indicate how likely it is that you have problems, how great they are, where and when they are occurring and other critical management information.

Perhaps your major interest is in confirming that your test items are for sale on the Internet.  As important as this issue is to your program, you may not have the staff with time or training to do comprehensive and ongoing searches and to take appropriate and effective action.  In this instance, Caveon Web Patrol will assign well-trained and experienced staff to your program.  They will become your eyes, searching, filtering, and alerting you about trouble when at starts not after it is almost too late to act,

These are only two of the many ways that Caveon can be an “all purpose test security tool for you.  Please let me know if you would like to know more about the “blades and test security tools” that can go to work for you,

John Fremer, former Cub Scout


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