The Certified Exam Security Professional

Caveon, the industry leader in protecting high-stakes test education and certification programs, is pleased to announce the launch of the Certified Exam Security Professional certification program, the first-ever credential for test security professionals.

The Certified Exam Security Professional (CESP) certification program is designed to provide clear standards to promote the integrity of a high-stakes testing program. By establishing a baseline of requisite knowledge and skills in this area, individuals obtaining this certification will be recognized as experts in this domain and perceived as professionals who can contribute to assuring the integrity of a testing program.

According to CESP Executive Director, Dr. Jamie Mulkey, “CESP’s new Generalist exam assesses an individual’s knowledge and abilities across the spectrum of test security functions. We believe this credential will provide recognition to those individuals who support test security initiatives in their organizations.”

The CESP certification is not only a major step in formalizing best practices in test security, but also recognizing and verifying the qualifications of individuals administering those practices.

“The time is right to formalize the important test security efforts extolled by so many committed professionals in our industry. The certification will ensure a level of quality and consistency in how high stakes test programs across the globe address test security challenges,” said Dr. David Foster, CEO, Caveon.

The certification resources and exam for the credential, are now available at Interested individuals can also view a recent webinar, with more information on the test development and process.

For more information about CESP or any test security related topic, please contact Jamie Mulkey at