Caveon and Questionmark Team Up to Provide New Security Resources to Clients

Caveon Test Security, the industry leader in protecting high-stakes test programs, is excited to announce a new partnership with Questionmark, who provides the highest quality testing and assessment software and support services. The new partnership will provide clients of both organizations with another resource to add to their test administration toolbox.

The partnership between Caveon and Questionmark is a natural union. Both organizations’ vision includes a dedicated focus on providing clients with the most secure methods in which to administer exams, in order to protect their program’s reputation, their test development investments, and the validity of their exam results.

To kick off this exciting partnership, Caveon will attend Questionmark’s annual user’s conference March 10-13 in Napa Valley, California to conduct two workshops for attendees. The presentations, Introduction to Test Security Best Practices and Improving your Test Security Processes, will be presented by Caveon’s Vice President Steve Addicott, and Chief Scientist, Dennis Maynes.

“Caveon looks forward to working closely with Questionmark. We believe by incorporating our shared vision of secure testing technologies and valid exam results, we will provide clients with an even greater level of confidence that their programs are protected,” said Mr. Addicott.

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