We’re Taking Test Security Training on the Road!

Have you ever wished for a quick and easy way to learn the latest test security tactics and information to protect your program?  If so, we have some great news. Caveon is going on a road trip!

Caveon will be bringing an informative and timely test security workshop to several major cities this spring. This workshop, Valid Exam Results; Taking Your Test Security Process to the Next Level is intended for anyone charged with protecting the integrity of high stakes exams within the certification/licensure or the K-12 testing arena or for anyone who wants to learn more about test security best practices. It will also help prepare attendees for the upcoming Certified Exam Security Professional (CESP) certification program, due to be launched April 2015.

The workshop will help you evaluate the security of your testing program against best practices and integrate those practices into your test security program. The training will teach you how to protect your program’s reputation and your test development investments, detect security threats and vulnerabilities, respond to test security breaches, and improve your test security program.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Implement Test Security Processes: 
    • What are essential elements of test security processes?
    • What policy decisions should be made?
    • How do you deal with potential cheating?
    • How do you communicate security decisions with test takers and the public?
  • Assess Threats: 
    • What is the difference between vulnerabilities, threats, and risks?
    • How do you measure and assess test security risks? 
    • What are common threats faced by every program?
    • How do you assess the security of your physical and information assets?
  • Design Security into Exam Administration:
    • How can exams be protected from braindumps through test design?
    • How can detection be built into exams?
    • What are the security vulnerabilities of different administration models?
    • How can you deal with international test security threats?
  • Protect Exams:
    • What are the different protective steps that should be taken?
    • How should agreements be written in order to protect exams?
    • What steps should be taken to register copyrights?
    • How can security audits be used to improve test security processes?
  • Detect Breaches:
    • What are the best detection methods?
    • How can you enlist cooperation from websites with compromised content?
    • What are necessary elements of a data forensics program?
  • Respond to Breaches: 
    • What is required so that your test security responses are legally defensible?
    • What are necessary elements for a security incident response plan?
    • What steps are needed for canceling suspect test scores?
    • How do you organize and conduct investigations into test security breaches?
  • Improve Test Security:
    • What process should be followed for improving test security?
    • Where do you find current state-of-the-art information on test security?
    • What kinds of metrics should be used to measure test security?

If test security is anywhere on your list of responsibilities, you definitely don’t want to miss this important workshop. The registration fee is $650 per person, and includes the training materials from the workshop.  A light lunch will also be served.

The session will be held from 8:30 – 3:00 in the following locations:

March 24 – Washington D.C.

March 26 – Philadelphia

April 2 – Chicago

For more information or to register, please click here. If you have questions about the event, please email us.


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