Caveon’s Dennis Maynes Presenting at International Conference

Caveon is pleased to announce that Dennis Maynes, Caveon Chief Scientist and Data Forensics™ expert, will be presenting at this year’s International Conference on Forensic Inference and Statistics (ICFIS) being held August 19-22 in the Netherlands.

Maynes presentations include, Combining Uni-directional Statistics to Evaluate Circumstantial Evidence of Anomalies, and a poster session entitled, Lessons Learned from an Overturned Exam Fraud Case. The presentation on combining statistics illustrates how different independent statistics can be used like flashlights to focus more attention and obtain strong evidence on potential test fraud. The poster session will share do’s and don’ts from Maynes’ experience as an expert witness for presenting statistical evidence in court.

Maynes is the leader of Caveon’s Data Forensics™ division. He has pioneered several methods for the statistical detection of potential test fraud, including the use of clusters to detect cheat rings and the use of embedded verification tests to detect braindump users. He has conducted more than 450 data forensics projects for more than 50 organizations, including 11 state departments of education, 10 medical certification/licensure programs, and 12 information technology certification programs. Maynes’ current interests and emphasis are in the development and usage of statistical models for use with test result data. Some of his recent research has been in the areas of sequential change detection, erasure analysis, similarity analysis, and aberrant patterns. Before becoming a founder at Caveon, Maynes had been employed at Intel (systems management), Fonix (speech recognition), Jostens Learning (learning management systems), and Wicat Education Institute (education research and development of computerized testing systems). Maynes holds a Master’s Degree in statistics from Brigham Young University.

About the Conference

This international conference, ICFIS, unites lawyers, statisticians and forensic scientists in their interest in optimal reasoning concerning forensic evidence. It promotes the interaction between providers and users of forensic evidence. It focuses on probabilistic methods for the evaluation of forensic evidence, and their use in law and law enforcement. It will be held at Leiden University, in Leiden, The Netherlands in August 2014.

About Caveon

We fundamentally believe in quality testing and trustworthy test results. That’s why, in 2003, a team of test security visionaries joined together to create Caveon, a company borne to help protect the most important test programs in the world. Today, Caveon offers proven, practical solutions for test security and test development including:  Caveon Consulting Services, evaluating the  strengths and weaknesses of test program policies and procedures; Caveon Data Forensics, analyzing test results to identify risks to valid test results; Caveon Web Patrol, continual, consistent monitoring the internet for illicit sharing of valuable intellectual property; and Caveon Test Development Services, creating top quality assessments with security as the foundation. Caveon…10 Years New.