Caveon’s Dennis Maynes Authors Two Chapters in New Test Fraud Book

SALT LAKE CITY, UT. A new book regarding test security was recently made available for purchase, Test Fraud: Statistical Detection and Methodology, and Caveon’s Chief Scientist Dennis Maynes had a key role in its creation. Maynes authored Detection of Non-Independent Test Taking by Similarity Analysis (Chapter 6) and A Method for Measuring Performance Inconsistency by Using Score Differences (Chapter 14).

This book represents the growing trend to formalize the process for test security research. According to Maynes, “The advent of this book heralds a new beginning for academic research into test security issues which affect the validity of test scores. Until recently, test security research has been conducted in a somewhat haphazard fashion, driven by the interests of a few pioneering researchers. This book, which has arisen from the first Conference on Statistical Detection of Potential Test Fraud, signals the emergence of a broader base of researchers working in this area. We are honored to be included in this book and among this group of researchers.”

You can order a copy of the book from Amazon.