Caveon Announces New Ground-Breaking Certification for Test Security Professionals

SALT LAKE CITY, UT.  Caveon is pleased to announce the founding of a new, independent non-profit entity that will create, administer, and maintain the first-ever certification program designed specifically for test security professionals who are dedicated to protecting high-stakes examinations.  The “Institute for Exam Security” is launching its first certification, the Certified Exam Security Professional Certification – Generalist (CESP- Generalist).

The CESP certification program comes at a pivotal time in the test security industry – a time when many factors including technology, domestic and international testing growth,  ever-higher  pressure on educators and students, and intense stakeholder scrutiny of testing processes and results – have made it increasingly difficult to get control of and curb cheating.  Caveon, along with other industry partners, believe the creation of the Institute and its certification is the next step in advancing the quest to keep items and tests safe from fraud, which not only saves testing organizations time and money but also protects their priceless reputations.

Said Caveon Chairman and CEO David Foster, “At Caveon, we believe the time is right to formalize the important test security efforts extolled by so many committed professionals in our industry.  The Institute and this certification will ensure a level of quality and consistency in how high stakes test programs across the globe address test security challenges.“

CESP will be available in fall 2014. The first level of distinction for this program will be the CESP Generalist. This person has a broad understanding of test security practices and is skilled at proactively preparing for test security issues, astute at recognizing and diagnosing test security threats and managing the remediation of test security issues as they arise. Candidates applying for admission to this program will complete 16 hours of online coursework and be required to pass a comprehensive exam prior to receiving the CESP Generalist credential.  For more information, contact Jamie Mulkey at (916) 873-2900 or visit