Caveon Experts Presenting at 2013 European Association of Test Publishers Conference

SALT LAKE CITY, UT.Caveon’s John Fremer and Steve Addicott will be presenting two sessions at this year’s E-ATP conference being held in St. Julian’s, Malta September 25-27. The sessions include:

  • John Fremer and Steve Addicott,  What are we accountable for? Security Standards and Resources for High Stakes Testing Programs – Tests used in Selection, Promotion, Certification, and other high stakes uses can be critically important to test takers, test program managers, and the agencies that use and sponsor the examinations. Among the many critical elements of test and program quality is the security of the examinations and results. Even if all the other criteria for fairness and validity for the intended purposes have been very well managed, a fall down in test security can lead to test results that reflect the test takers access to money and lack of scrupulousness not their knowledge and skills that are related to the decisions that are made at least in part on the basis of test scores. This session reviews two classes of assistance to test program managers and others who share responsibility for assuring test security: Standards for test security and Security Resources for the test program manager.  The presenters have helped develop a series of Standards and Resources that should be very useful to EATP participants including the new Handbook of Test Security and revised Security Standards from the International Test Commission and a collaborative effort by ATP and the US Chief State School Officers organization.
  • Steve Addicott, Leveraging Social Media to Connect with International Test Candidates – Social Media has proven that it’s here to stay and is the preferred means of communication and networking for anyone ages 10-35. We are constantly trying to find new ways to connect with our candidates and potential test takers. How can we leverage Social Media channels to connect with them, whether they speak our language and live in our country or whether they live in a foreign country and speak an entirely different language? This session will appeal to anyone interested in learning to stay on top of the latest trends in actively connecting with your ideal target audience.