Caveon CEO Dr. David Foster Presenting at European Conference on Psychology this month

SALT LAKE CITY, UT.  David Foster, Caveon leader and well known industry expert, is presenting two sessions at the 13th European Conference on Psychology (ECP) which is being held July 9-12 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Foster’s sessions include: ITC Test Security Guidelines and Keeping Up with the Changing Face of Test Security: New Threats and New Solutions. Summaries of each session are below.

ITC Test Security Guidelines: Given the growing concerns with international test security issues, especially as more and more program move to online testing, the International Test Commission has created a draft set of security guidelines. Those guidelines, which can apply across broad areas of testing (e.g., education, certification, pre-employment, etc.), will be presented in this session along with a description of the development process. The next steps to move the guidelines from draft to final stages will be outlined. Several of the guidelines will be highlighted and discussed during the session to illustrate how they can be used by testing programs.

Keeping Up with the Changing Face of Test Security: New Threats and New Solutions: In the past few years test security has risen to the top as the major concern for important testing programs throughout the world. The problems cross borders and cultures. With the increase in reported security problems it has become more difficult to trust test scores. Besides the costs of invalidating test scores, of re-taking tests and re-creating exams, the reputation of the testing program is often damaged. To reduce these difficulties testing programs must be vigilant and constantly improve security methods as new threats arise. Today the ability for individuals to capture test questions to sell or share with others has never been greater. In addition, technology has allowed examinees to cheat in ways not considered 10 years ago. What can and should be done to counter these new threats? How effective will our new security methods be? Is there no way to remove these threats forever? These questions will be answered in this session, and a view into a possible future will be presented.

ECP 2013 is a scientific congress during which new research is presented and discussed among scientists and practitioners from Europe and the rest of the world. The conference is held every second year in Europe. The goal of the conference is to offer a program of interest to scholars as well as practitioners, a program founded upon research results as well as evidence from the field.