Caveon Announces the Upcoming Release of the Handbook of Test Security

SALT LAKE CITY, UT. Caveon, the premier test security company, is excited to announce the upcoming publication of the Handbook of Test Security, edited by Dr. James A. Wollack and Caveon’s own Dr. John J. Fremer.

The Handbook is a valuable new resource in the field of test security, and is the first to offer insights from a variety of experts within the testing community, psychometricians, and policymakers. This compilation provides a wealth of information that is simply not available elsewhere in a single publication. The Handbook identifies and explains best practices for the design, development, and administration of secure testing programs.  A wide variety of testing types are addressed and in many domains – certification, employment, education, and clinical.

Dr. John Fremer, President of Caveon Consulting Services, said, “If you are interested in preventing and detecting cheating on high stakes tests, have we got a book for you.  Jim Wollack and I have worked with a wonderful team to create a resource that test program managers, researchers, policy makers, and others will find valuable. The Handbook of Test Security has chapters from seasoned professionals who have ‘skin in the game.’  They have dealt with cheating in their programs, have mounted legal cases, and have developed strategies for dealing with cheaters who often range from the simply misinformed or misguided to relentless and ingenious ‘professional cheaters and test pirates.’  Some cheaters earn a great deal of money undermining the fairness of the tests that we work so hard to develop and administer.  We need to collaborate and to use all the strategies at our disposal to ensure fairness for all.”

The Handbook will be released March 27, but copies can be pre-ordered today.