Caveon Test Security Releases Results of 2006 State Education Test Security Survey

Stolen Test Booklets, Collusion and Administrative

Pressures Rank as Crucial Issues

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Across the country, State Assessment Directors are spending 80% more time dealing with test security issues than they were in 2001, according to a survey conducted by Caveon Test Security, the nation’s premier provider of test security services. Results of the study were released today at the 36th Annual National Conference of Large-Scale Assessment being held here.

Caveon surveyed State Assessment Directors and staff across the country over the course of two months to determine trends, practices, and policies around test security efforts for state assessment programs. With 34 out of 50 states responding, results suggest that stolen test booklets, teacher or administrator coaching and collusion are in the forefront of testing concerns for state assessment programs.

Highlights of the survey results include:

  • 80% of respondents said they are spending more time dealing with test security issues compared to five years ago.
  • 77% of respondents said they have formal policies regarding cheating in place, but only 5% of respondents have a separate budget earmarked for specifically for test security.
  • 50% of the respondents are conducting statistical analysis of their test results for the purpose of detecting testing anomalies and other indicators of cheating.
  • 74% of the respondents viewed an outside, third-party review of their security procedures as beneficial.
  • 40% of respondents are searching the Internet for stolen test content.
  • Over 80% of respondents have taken formal action when cheating has been confirmed or suspected.

Caveon President, Dr. John Fremer, said, “We are pleased to release the findings of our research in conjunction with this gathering of professionals working in high stakes testing.  Test Security is an important focus for all State Assessment programs, and the good news is that efforts to enforce test security practices are on the rise. Sound consideration is being given to making testing more secure so that student testing yields fair and valid results.”

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About Caveon:
Caveon is a high growth, privately held test security technology and consulting firm offering prevention, detection, and remediation services aimed at test fraud and theft. In addition to consulting services, Caveon has developed patent-pending technologies, which analyze test data for signs of cheating and test theft. Caveon offers test security solutions for clients in the education, engineering, transportation, safety, information technology, health care, financial services, and other industries.

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