Caveon Test Security Helping Multiple State Departments of Education Ensure Fair and Valid Test Results

11 State Contracts to Date

SALT LAKE CITY, UT —Caveon Test Security, the nation’s premier provider of test security enhancement services, announced that it has had eleven contracts with state Departments of Education.  Many of these engagements involve use of Caveon’s flagship service, Caveon Data Forensics™, as part of the states’ efforts to deter and detect cheating.

Caveon Data Forensics combines patent-pending technology and expert analysis to extract from test records statistical evidence frequently indicative of cheating.

A partial list of state departments of education, which are working with Caveon, includes:  Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington.

South Carolina State Assessment Director Teri Siskind said, “I think it is unique for a company to provide this kind of security assessment.”  She continued, “We…wanted to be proactive.  The test that we audited is our high school assessment program…used to determine accountability for the state.  But it is also our high school exit exam.  We want to make certain that it is fair.”

Caveon President, Dr. John Fremer, commends these state assessment programs for their commitment to continuous improvement of standards and processes. “States that tackle these issues head on help protect the test performance of the majority of students who do the right thing, study hard and abide by state testing rules. These students should not be negatively impacted by counterfeit results,” said Fremer.

Caveon will be conducting several large-scale Data Forensics engagements in the next few weeks for State Assessment programs or other education-oriented tests.  Fremer adds, “States are seeking new tactics to ensure that their programs are yielding fair and valid results.  Our mission is to help state assessment staff through the use of our innovative, patent pending technology and services.”

About Caveon:
Caveon is a high growth, privately held test security technology and consulting firm offering prevention, detection, and remediation services aimed at test fraud and theft. In addition to consulting services, Caveon has developed patent-pending technologies, which analyze test data for signs of cheating and test theft. Caveon offers test security solutions for clients in the education, engineering, transportation, safety, information technology, health care, financial services, and other industries.

Caveon Contact: 
Don Sorensen
VP of Marketing


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