High-stakes Cheating Spawns New Market

By Robert Brumfield, Assistant Editor

When North Carolina recently hired security company Caveon Inc. of Utah to guard against cheating on standardized tests, it became at least the third state to outsource security services for its high-stakes testing to Caveon. South Carolina and Delaware have signed similar agreements with the company.

The security services that Caveon provides to guard against cheating on high-stakes tests are exhaustive. Some say such services are positive developments that will help ensure the fairness of high-stakes testing in the NCLB era. Others, however, believe that no amount of testing security can change a nationwide standard for testing that is itself critically flawed.

A primary benefit of the company’s services for state and school leaders is that “they’ll be able to clear things they might have had to worry about,” Fremer said. Areas of testing deployment that could be a cause for concern can be investigated, and administrators’ worries can be eased.

Caveon provides security audits that examine high-stakes testing procedures to determine the security strengths and weaknesses of the educational body being examined. The company then helps design best practices for schools to improve security.

Caveon is the first company specifically to provide security services for high-stakes testing in K-12 education.


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